Pup Tips


How to educate a dog in order to get along with, without there being too many problems?

As we like our puppies to feel good in their new home, we absolutely want to give you as much advice as possible. So you will be the ideal master for the ideal pup. Do you have a question about your dog or a helpful tip? Do not hesitate to send it to us and we will add it to our website.

My puppy, the first weeks

Need enough rest
After you have bought your puppy once he has arrived home, he needs a little time to adjust, he will play a bit of course, but like a human baby, he will still need a lot of rest.

Teach him good habits
It is very important, from the start, to get your puppy accustomed to all possible situations with which he will be regularly confronted in his life, among other things, other animals, children, traffic, etc. …

Get accustomed to receiving food only when you have finished your meal yourself. Be firm about it, otherwise, he will beg.

Make him understand who the master is. Your dog will only be happier because he is a pack animal and therefore needs to know his place in the hierarchy.

Beware that in case of unwanted behavior of your dog, it only serves something to punish him if you catch him in the act!

If you want to teach him ‘good manners’ fairly quickly, it’s best to go to an obedience class. There are nearly all cities. It will become more sociable and for the master, it will be a real pleasure to see how the dog learns quickly. An exaggerated barking in the adult dog, for example, can also be unlearned at the school of obedience.

Sick in the car
My puppy is sick by car, what do I have to do? The best thing is to take it by car every day, but each time for a very short journey. You can possibly give him a little reward at the end of this trip. The stress of your puppy will diminish visibly in no time, the problem will be solved!

His diet

For the puppy
Your puppy needs a suitable puppy kibble because it grows very fast.
It is important for children to leave the dog alone while eating.

Adult Dogs
With respect to adult dogs, there is a wide range of choices in brands and qualities. In this regard, ask your veterinarian or specialized store for advice, because the type of food may differ seriously depending on the specific needs of your dog (small, medium or large, older dogs, pathologies, etc.).

Giving fine gnawing bones from the pigeon, rabbit or chicken is absolutely forbidden. Your dog can die!

It’s water
Please be careful that there is always a bowl of clean water at its disposal. If your dog has runny eyes, it is better to give him bottled water.

Keep my dog ​​healthy

If you want to keep your dog healthy for many years, then have your veterinarian vaccinate him/her every year.

At the same time, you can have your dog examined and dewormed (minimum 2x per year)

Walk it and it keeps fit!
Walking your dog regularly, playing with him and moving him, all this in combination with a balanced diet, prevents him from becoming obese. If need be, you can find a suitable dietary food at your vet, but also in specialty stores.

High jumping exercises, exaggerated long walks, as well as climbing the stairs are not recommended. And especially if he is a non-adult dog …

Important!!! As a measure for the maximum duration of his walk, you count 5 minutes times his months of age. (eg to three months the puppy can walk 15 min., at the age of 10 months it is already 50 minutes)

Wash your dog
For bathing, it is better to use a suitable shampoo for dogs

You better buy a good dog toy from a specialist store. It must be indestructible, otherwise, there is a risk of serious accidents. Or, you can also give him a tennis ball, he will have fun already a long time with …

On vacation with my dog

Prevent diarrhea
If you want to prevent your dog from getting diarrhea during your vacation, then bring your usual food to your vacation spot.

Ask Your Veto Advice
It’s best to check with your veterinarian and this largely a month before you leave, whether your dog is in order of vaccinations for the country or region or what you are going for.

Swim on vacation … why not also with the dog?
There are many dogs (but not all) who adoooooorent to swim at sea !!!
Only after, do not forget to rinse copiously with freshwater, otherwise, it may have skin irritations.

We wish you a lot of fun with your companion!