What Is The Cost Of Adopting a Sphynx Kitten (Hairless Cat)?

How much does it cost to adopt a hairless kitten? Well, there is no specific amount, but a few factors may affect the final cost. These factors will be considered before determining the last price to place on the kitten for adoption. So, what are the factors that affect the cost of adopting a sphynx kitten?


• The Breed


We are talking about the Sphynx kitten in general, but they come in different crossbreeds. Pure Sphynx kittens are somewhat less costly than other crossbreeds. Typically, it depends if you want an Elf kitten, Bambino kitten, or the unique Dwelf kitten. Out of them all, the Dwelf kittens tend to be the most expensive. Always ensure that you ask the breeder the exact breed of the kitten before you choose it.


• The Color and Quality of the Coat


Another factor that will affect the cost of the naked kitten is the quality and color of the coat. Some come in a darker color, while others come with a lighter one. In most cases, the dark-colored kittens tend to have a tougher coat. Inquire about the cost of each based on the color and quality of the coat.


• The size of the Kitten


Naked kittens come from different parents. In this case, some will be shorter than others. The size of the kitten will definitely affect its price of adoption. Typically, smaller kittens are almost cheaper than the larger kittens.


• Age


This is a very obvious factor, but many people tend to ignore it. When you are going out to look for a kitten, you’ll need to determine the age that you want to take home with you. Some will prefer to go for an eight-week kitten, which is almost ready for the transition. Other people will prefer a mature kitten of more than three weeks. When choosing the age of the kitten, you should know that it will affect its adoption cost. Typically, a younger kitten will cost less than a grown kitten.


Here, the breeder might add the additional cost of taking care of the kitten until he is mature enough for adoption. So you should keep this in mind.



• The breeder


One fact that you should know is that naked kittens don’t come at the same adoption price from every breeder. Every breeder will have their own price tag. For that, you should compare the prices of the breeders and relate the prices to the health/quality of the kitten that are for adoption.


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